Counting Sheep In Chaos . . . the story of America in digital revolt, breeding a fanatical religion that believes God has escaped the organic world to reside eternally within the electronic to survive mankind's addiction to technology. The sworn enemy of this digital religion: books. As books become burned and demonized, a radical preservationist society known as The Knights of Alexandria is born to protect it. Their leader, young Gatsby Shepherd, the wild son of the world's greatest inventor, assassinated long ago for his beliefs. The tale begins as Gatsby embarks on an epic adventure to uncover a secret his father left for him, a secret that will bring victory to his cause. On this greatest journey of his life, Gatsby joins forces with an anarchist outlaw novelist, a genius web cam stripper, a libidinous priest and a digital zealot turned rogue. What they uncove will change humanity and history, forever.


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 a revolutionary narrative barely contained in the pages of print, impossible  to keep shackled to the electric underground.

Cover Art by Abby Martin (

Typography and Website by Shawn Raissi (

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